President Message 2016

Dear CAFPNA Members:It was very nice to see many of you at the IAFP Annual meeting in St. Louis, MO in August this year. As the new President of our organization, I would like to thank you for continuing your membership and also welcome new members to the Chinese Association for Food Protection in North America (CAFPNA)! Last year, under the leadership of our past President Zuoxing (Zachary) Zheng and other Board members, it was a very productive year as seen from Annual Meeting Report: In the meantime, our member roll has significantly increased from 198 to 222 in the last year!During our annual affiliate meeting on Aug. 1, 2016, the following are elected as the 2016-2017 board members:President: Xiuping Jiang, Ph.D., Clemson UniversityPresident-Elect: Luxin Wang, Ph.D., Auburn UniversitySecretary: Scott Li, M.S., Rich Products Corp. Treasurer: Wen Zou, Ph.D., U.S. Food and Drug AdministrationPast President: Zuoxing (Zachary) Zheng, Ph.D., Valent BioSciences CorporationIAFP Delegate: Zuoxing (Zachary) Zheng, Ph.D., Valent BioSciences CorporationIn addition, Ms. Cui Yue will continue to serve as the Chair of the Student Committee. Mr. Yang (Alex) Liu will serve as the Mentoring Committee Co-Chair with Ms. Cui as the previous Chair Mr. Zengxin (Scott) Li will be the Secretary of our affiliate. Mr. Chen Wang will continue to maintain and update our website as the Website Master. The commitment and volunteerism of these people are so valuable to our students and professionals working in the food safety and related areas, and the continued growth of our association.As many of us are immigrants, finding the first professional job can be a very challenging task. Therefore, for the upcoming year, with our new leadership team, we will continue to work together to move our affiliate forward by focusing more on mentor-mentee program, professional development, and webinars. In order to support various activities, such as providing scholarship to student members, as an affiliate, fund raising will be actively pursued.Additionally, we plan to work closely with the China Association for Food Protection (CAFP) and the Chinese American Food Society (CAFS) to help build a broader network in the food industry on a global scale. I’d like to encourage every member of our association to get involved, and also like to get feedback from members on how to make our association more effectively. By working together, we can help the association achieve its mission through networking, educational programs, career opportunities and other resources.Sincerely,Xiuping JiangPresident, CAFPNA, 2016-2017