Microbiology/Fermentation Research Scientist (Temporary contractor or Contract to hire)

Job Location:

Long Grove, IL (Greater Chicago area)

Principal Responsibilities :

Responsible for performing fermentation optimization and scaling-up as well as microbiological analysis on various microbial products, including bacterial, fungal and actinomycetes fermentation samples to support multiple research and development projects. Daily work responsibilities include media preparation, sterilization, strain isolation and screening, microbial plate count, fermentation media and conditions optimization in shake flask, bench top and pilot scale fermenters, culture collection and maintenance, and general laboratory housekeeping.  Be able to design and execute research experiments with good efficiency and accuracy, document and interpret data. Should be a self-motivated, detail-oriented, and reliable team player.


Bachelor’s, Master’s or Ph.D, degree in Microbiology, Fermentation, Biochemical engineering or related disciplines.  0-10 years of experience in microbiology/fermentation research.